MindManager® - Mindjet Training Center


The Mindjet Training Center are approved training institutes which guarantee a certified training program. They provide not only excellent solution knowledge and product knowledge. They fulfil also the high requirements of Mindjet concerning the equipment and technology of the training spaces.

The Spirit Education as a Mindjet Training Center works with certificated coaches to be able to offer the recent and best solution and training drafts all around MindManager to Mindjet customers always.




Your Contact Person:

Mandy Mösta
Michael T. Mazkour

Fon +49 (228) 92129993
Fax +49 (228) 92129992
E-Mail: seminare@spirit-education.de

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Spirit Education · Berta-Lungstras-Str. 16 · D-53119 Bonn
Fon: +49 (228) 92129993 · Fax: +49 (228) 92129992
Email: info@spirit-education.de