NotesLinker Pro 3.8 for MindManager® 8

Simplicity as a Principle

NotesLinker Pro 3.8 allows for the easy exchange of calendar, contact and task data from Lotus Notes to MindManager 8

The new functionality @Create mail users can start directly the Lotus Notes mail client out of MindManager 8. After sending the message, a topic in the map including all information as attachments or recipients, will be created. A direct link leads to data in Lotus Notes®. With the new NotesLinker Pro 3.8, MindManager 8 becomes even more center of daily work..

The basic functionality, as Smart Map Parts, enables users to:

Manage tasks
Manage appointment
Manage contacts
Import documents as links
Link to files
Search text
Integrate Lotus Notes resources into the MindManger

Data Exchange

NotesLinker Pro 3.8 provides different ways of exchanging data. Using MindManager 8, Map Parts are used to create a new element and link to Lotus Notes Version 6.5, 7.0, 8.0 or 8.5.
The functionality of other combinations may be limited.



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