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Concentration on core competences focussed on IT and Human resources development generated a wide range of Managed Training Services. We would like to introduce you to our conceptual design with strategically, operational and administrative directed services and also our new portfolio description.

The summarisation of our performance in the form of Managed Training Services is a logical and consequent conclusion of our positive experiences. The open minded dialog with partners and customers encourages our way of arranging new concepts, services and often new ways. Come along You can rely on our best efforts!

We would like to lead the way in deploying innovative, transparent, flexible and efficient solutions to meet our customers goals. Therefore we have set the following objectives and perceptions:

         A higher grade of quality does not mean higher costs.

        IT focussed Human resources development should be based on a firm footing (data pool).

         Logistics and administrative business processes can be standardised.

        IT focussed Human resources development means: Motivation, Optimisation of Benefits, Ensures Efficiency and Creation of Value.

         Every optimisation of business processes requires change and modification in terms of technology.

         It's a chance to design personal, scalable and modular concepts.

         Evaluation and Feedback are put in place for optimisation of existing concepts and processes.

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